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In the Beginning was the Light (Inspired Writing)

In the beginning was the Light, and the Light shone from every particle above and below the surface of the Earth and the Earth was pure and good.
Then came man.
In the beginning man was also pure and good and the Light shone from every cell of his being for man WAS the Light, as was every element upon the Earth’s surface.
As time went on man began to notice man and to notice his belongings and his attributes and into his jealous heart there crept the power of darkness and it began to shut out the Light.

As man strove to become better than his brother, the power of darkness crept into his scheming mind and, again, there was no room for the Light.
And still it continued.
Man began to want for power over his neighbour, and the power of darkness spread throughout his body, filling every pore with hatred, almost completely shutting out the Light save for one tiny spark which remained within his soul.
Then came war.
For many, many centuries man fought man; slayed his own brother and destroyed the Light which was the very essence of his soul. But, although there were gains and although there were losses, man came to realise there were no winners, for there was no satisfaction to be gained from hatred and from the destruction of his fellow man.
Without warning, the tiny spark within his soul began to grow and to manifest and instead of war he strove for peace and every time peace was achieved there was great rejoicing and the Light spread further strengthening the link which had always been there despite the darkness.

It has not been easy, there are still people in power who want for more, but even they, sooner or later, must listen to their fellow men. Even they, despite the power of darkness which lurks within them, continue to carry the spark of Light within their souls. The spark which can never be extinguished. For, even they, are of the Light, came from the Light and will return to the Light.
If they would only but listen to their inner being, war could become a thing of the past, peace and love would pervade the Earth, and, once again, the Earth would be pure and good.






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