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Inspired Writing

Many who choose to pursue their psychic gifts find that the direction of their development changes from time to time as they progress. They feel ‘drawn’ to such and such activity or inspired to try something new.

Like psychic art, inspired or inspirational writing is a stage that many people go through. For some it is always with them, for others it is just passing phase that diminishes as a new area is explored. The most interesting thing about inspired writing is that what ends up on the paper or screen can often be beyond the knowledge or skill of the practitioner and demonstrates quite clearly that another hand is actually guiding the pen or keyboard.

Inspired writing is a fascinating area of psychic work and can produce some very interesting results. It is also something that can be practised alone, during a quiet moment. However, it does come with a warning. And that is: do not to allow it to be come obsessive and all consuming.

In December 1997, Marlene wrote this about her writing and stage of development:

I sit within my silence and, although no words are spoken, I know the communication is there; that a higher level of intelligence is reaching out and imparting knowledge to that part of my consciousness which knows no boundaries. This subtle interchange now taking place has no need for understanding for the knowing comes with the knowledge – it is a natural process that requires no explanation, it is as simple as the act of breathing in the necessary life force which sustains us all as we exist in our mortal life form. It is essential to our progression into spiritual awareness.
I now know many things I never knew before. I speak of things of which I had no former knowledge and, yet, it seems I knew these things before. The knowing comes with the knowledge – without it the knowledge would be worthless, as useless as an empty sea.
One day this knowledge I will have to share. The time is not yet right, but soon the knowledge locked away within the ante-chamber of my consciousness will be unleashed and I will know it is then that I can share it with the world. I will know the time is right for the knowing comes with the knowledge and it will be soon, very soon, that the peoples of the world will also “know”.

Marlene – 28.12.97

More of Marlene’s inspired writing will be shared in future posts.




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