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Mental Mediumship

We will use this term as a useful phrase that covers the following three facets of mediumship – Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, that being where the medium is working without the aid of any tools such as Tarot Cards. Obtaining links cold is a wonderfully pure way to work, but it must be recognised that it gives the medium an equally wonderful opportunity to fall flat on their face!


To see without the eyes. Harry Edwards used a term “the mirror of the mind” onto which images of people, places, events are projected subjectively onto this inner mirror or screen. For many, this may start off as just a blank image or a mist which eventually begins to clear revealing the information that has been provided by the Spirit communicator or workers. Some mediums report that everything they “see” is never completely clear of this veil and therefore are obliged to make a degree of interpretation in what they are describing. Others “see” perfectly clearly on most occasions that influences draw close. That is assuming that the communicator wishes or desires to be seen and at times those in Spirit can be unwilling or unable to come forward sufficiently to enable the medium to accurately describe them or deliver the message that they bring.

Some mediums posses the ability to objectively see Spirit people and this objective image is overlaid on their normal field of vision along with events and situations. If you attend a good demonstration of mediumship, the medium may ask if they can come to a certain member of the audience and go on to describe in detail a person that is standing next to them along with information that they want passed onto the recipient. If you talk to this type of medium, they may well tell you that they have always had an ability to see those who are in Spirit.

A ball of light may guide some mediums to who they need to speak to in an audience, even though they may not be able to see objectively the Spirit communicator. This was the experience that inspired a friend of ours into many years of personal research and becoming a member of The Society for Psychical Research.

At the time he and his wife were seeking “The Good Life” existence and had moved to the Isle of Man. One evening our friend was drawn to attend a demonstration of mediumship. Feeling rather shy and self conscious, he slipped into the back row, hiding behind a large fellow in front of him and listened to what was going on. The usual unambiguous (to him) messages were delivered until the medium call out; “I would like to come to the man at the back. (?) No, no, the man in the very back row, behind the very tall gentleman.” He then went on to deliver to our friend a message that was meaningful and thought provoking. After the meeting our friend spoke to the medium and asked him how on earth he knew he was there! His reply was surprising. “Because I could see a light above your head.”


To hear without the ears. This is the ability to hear voices and sounds which come outside of our normal audio senses that enable us to listen to what is going on in the world around us, hold a conversation or if required, flee from danger. Clairaudience is the voice or sound that appears in the head of the medium, providing a flow of Spirit communication or information that the medium will then verbalise as the message from the Spirit communicator. It may be remembered that many famous mediums were clairaudient and would be seen on stage at demonstrations, holding conversations with an unseen third party. Instinctively, they will look towards the direction that the voices seem to be coming, this will often be towards the side and up slightly, as if addressing someone in the royal box. You will see some of the new generation of television mediums working in this way. It was certainly the way in which those in the past have worked, such as Doris Collins, Mary Rogers and Ena Twigg.

As with all types of demonstrations, this cocking of the ear to one side can be quite theatrical and can be used by those who are less than genuine to put on a good act. As always, it is the credibility of the message that is important, not the messenger or its delivery.

Whilst speaking of clairaudience, we must provide a little warning here. When we talk of voices in the head, we are drawing a clear distinction between those who are genuinely mediumistic and those poor souls who are suffering from a mental aberration. Genuine communication will never be destructive or cause you to act in a way that is harmful to yourself and others. If an insidious little voice is telling a person to do harmful or destructive things, this is not genuine loving and noble Spirit communication and professional psychiatric help should be sought for those who are unfortunate enough to be afflicted by this dreadful condition.


To touch without the hand. (include taste and smell) This sensing ability is probably the most common among mediums and they can provide information by way of a sensing or intuitive knowing about a person, situation and event. The medium may experience physical sensations around their own body relating to the Spirit persons that draw close, this is particularly so in association with that persons passing, or what most would term as death. This may be a side effect of the process of drawing close, the act of which triggers memories within the discarnate person that they relate to the physical plain of existence. It may also be a deliberate act that enables the medium to pass on very evidential bits of information. The clairsentient may also become aware of feelings or symbols that require interpretation on their part to enable the message to be delivered to the recipient.

This article is part of our Mediumship series.





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