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Do Not Despair

Do not despair – remember
we are here – we always are!
You see us in the smallest raindrop,
in each and every shining star.
You smell us in the scented flowers;
the fresh, clean, green-ness of the trees;
the wind, the snow, the earthy soil;
the salty ever-changing seas.
You feel us in the glow of friendship.
The warm, soft trickling of the sand.
A child’s embrace, a gentle kiss.
A father’s touch, and mother’s hand.
You sense us in the atmosphere
when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping.
You sense our closeness all around you
when you laugh and when you’re weeping.
You know that we will never hurt you.
Know that we are always here.
Know we never will desert you.
Know that we are always near.
We are everything around you.
Earth below and sky above.
You were lost, but we have found you.
We are Spirit.
We are Love.






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