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Paranormal Tours: Ellerslie, 26th February 2005

Originally posted February 2005

On the 26th of February, we travelled down to Canterbury in Kent to attend an over night paranormal investigation hosted by Paranormal Tours. Marlene had been invited as a guest for the night together with one of their regular mediums John, or as we were in Chaucer country, perhaps we should call him John of Basingstoke! The investigation was held in a late Victorian house built in an imposing Gothic style, as are several others in the same road.
“Ellerslie” is currently owned by the Youth Hostel Association and on our visit was undergoing some renovation before the start of the new season. We received a warm welcome from Andrew of Paranormal Tours and Shelley, the warden of the hostel, who looked after and fed us extremely well for the whole of our stay at the hostel. Andrew gave a welcome briefing and this was followed by a short demonstration of clairvoyance by John and Marlene. The tools of the ghost hunting trade were demonstrated and everybody was given chance to use the several sets provided during the night. EVP recordings were also encouraged during the individual vigils. John led a Psychic Workshop to get the forty or so participants in the right mood for the investigation after which a ghost walk was conducted with each of the mediums leading half the group each. By now it was late evening and a refreshment buffet raised our spirits before the start of our investigation with the party now divided into four investigative teams for the night.
What did we find? I will not spoil the fun here, so for the results of the investigation you will have to go to Paranormal Tours website! (Note: website now defunct; link removed)
What I will say is that there are areas of the building that the Hostel staff will not stay in. Certain rooms contain differing atmospheres and upon checking the results of previous investigations, certain names and facts are reoccurring. Of interest, some seem to relate to a period before the house was built. Perhaps some more historical research is required about the location.
So there it is, we had a great night with an enthusiastic bunch of people. Yes it is tiring, but beds are provided for any that may not be able to stay the distance. The staff at Ellerslie provided an excellent (and welcome) breakfast after the post investigation discussion and findings. Why not do as we did? We drove down to Canterbury on the Friday evening to arranged B&B. We had a great morning’s sight seeing the next day (Marlene took some retail therapy as well) before having a couple of hours sleep in the late afternoon prior to the investigation.




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