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Ouija and the Planchette

Caution is Required

Some tools that may be best left in the box

Generally speaking it is the ‘living’ that cause us more concern about our personal safety than the dead, but one often hears stories of people being frightened or having very bad experiences when they start messing about with things such as Ouija boards. This is because they are using the tool as a means of thrill seeking and therefore they not motivated in an appropriate manner to engage in any sort of communication with Spirit.

Consider how this is portrayed in most people’s imaginations through film and television drama.

A group of, often young people after a few drinks, gather together on a darkened room, lit with obligatory candles. An air of apprehension pervades the room, what will happen? Ooh er !…..

Lets take a moment to consider what is occurring rationally. We find ourselves here in a situation that involves us moving away from what is normal and familiar. We are quite possibly fearful because of how we have seen this portrayed ourselves. Within our own thoughts we are creating an atmosphere, that although light a jovial on the surface, could actually be quite negative. Lets continue our example.

The sitters place their fingers lightly upon the glass and it starts to move around the table or tray that has letters placed around its circumference. Soon messages start to be formed, these may be fun at first, then change to that of an unpleasant or obscene nature. Fear is now the prevailing emotion, candles start to flare and create shadows and the next thing you know is that people are running screaming from the room waving their arms in the air.

Well what did you expect! Lets look at what is wrong in our scenario and what has allowed this to happen. Firstly, a group of people has come to together with the wrong motive, that is thrill seeking. At all times we must remember that motive is the key to what is produced. As we have said previously, seeking communication from other realms must always be done with the best of intentions and purpose. The group did not begin with an opening prayer or affirmation, stating what the purpose of sitting was and asking for protection in their endeavours. They should have also stated that they would only be prepared to accept communication from enlightened and noble communicators.

Failing to observe this most basic of disciplines allows undesirable influences access to the proceedings, leading to the unpleasant experience described. Unpleasant people who pass over, do not mend their ways by the act of passing to Spirit, they do not sprout wings and become angels. The evolvement of a more noble Spirit can take time (As we perceive it.) and there are others who may see frightening people on our side as a bit of a laugh. These are unevloved spirits and they should not be given the opportunity to give reign to their frustration of bitterness. Because the environment of fear is created in the room, they use this negative emotion to empower themselves, it may be that during their own lives they used fear to control others and now, being in an existence that does not permit this, it may frustrate them. As we all know, candles will flare up and down on their own, sometimes this can be through influence, and often it is not. We also know that poor lighting will play tricks on the eyes. What ever, none of these things should be frightening if best intentions are the motive for sitting.

Having given good reason why you should not sit for this type of communication, We do know several people who use it to provide good, evidential, information. One has even made up a sling device to support the arms when using the glass so as to limit any unconscious pushing of the glass. In every case they follow the rules. They sit with the correct motive, state their intent and are quite prepared to demand that any undesirable influence leaves at once. They always open and close with a prayer.

The Ouija Board

Is a smooth circular surface, usually a large tray or piece of cut board. The letters of the alphabet are placed around the circumference with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at opposing sides dividing the letters into thirteen each side. The circle should be large enough to allow a reasonable space between the letters, but small enough to allow the users to reach the far side without too much effort. A wine glass or similar is placed on the centre and acts as the pointing device that is used by a spirit control when the participants place their fingers upon it.

When in operation the board will be placed on a small table that allows two to six people to sit comfortably around it. Each will rest one arm on the table and touch the top of the glass with the one finger of the other hand. If things work correctly, the glass will begin to move quite forcefully around. Often, it will circle the board as if searching for the letters before starting to spell out words. Ideally, another person who is not using the glass will write the message down. Even if proceedings are correctly motivated, this can be very time consuming and laborious. It is also prone to letters being incorrectly selected, leading to inaccurate or confused messages.

The Planchette Board 

Is a derivative of the Ouija board designed for one or possibly two people to use. The letters are laid out in an arch in front of the sitter, with a pointer replacing the wine glass. The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are at each end of the alphabet. 

Another version of this arrangement is sometimes used for automatic writing or drawing. The pointer, usually a thin piece of triangular shaped wood, has a boss fitted to one corner to enable a pen or pencil to be clamped to it. This protrudes just enough to allow the pointer to be moved smoothly over a large sheet of paper without tearing it. The idea being that a spirit communicator will then try to influence the pointer to move around the paper to produce words or drawings. Whether this by direct Spirit influence on the pointer, or by subconscious movement of the operator is difficult to tell. What can be said is that, like the glass, when it does genuinely move, it does so in a manner that displays a mind of its own? Of course validation only comes from what is produced upon the paper. If it is intelligent, meaningful and beyond the knowledge of the operator, it may be worthy of our consideration, if not it should be disregarded. This device is sometimes used as a tool during paranormal investigations, but we would suggest that this is done with caution and conducted only by experienced users. 








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