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The Generation Gap

A piece of inspired writing, written whilst in an altered state in answer to a worried parents question about their teenager’s behaviour.

The Generation Gap does not exist – it is but an illusion – a gap in the memory of the adult – sometimes chosen by accident – sometimes by design, yet, nevertheless, the gap is there – the memory of being in the child state: boy/man, girl/woman – the longing to be considered an adult whilst yearning to remain in the child state forever. A time of confusion, of mixed needs, of illusions and delusions “if this happens I will get that!” “If I have that I can get this!”
How hard it is to be man-boy and girl-woman – so mature, so young, such bodily changes – most of which are misunderstood and misleading – bodily needs that the heart and mind are too immature to understand; a psychological need to be considered adult enough for ones opinions to be valued and respected – an innocent need to be nurtured and protected as a child.
How difficult is this time of conflict when one does not understand how, why, one does the things one does yet feels to ask for help will expose the frightened child inside and set them up for ridicule or disgrace when all the time they are wishing to be considered on the same level as the adult.
A difficult time indeed, a time of inner battles and outward appearances of being in control and controlling, of being at odds with the world yet being at odds with oneself.
The generation gap does not exist – it is merely a gap in the memory of the adult – a gap that will ultimately close as life’s lessons are learned and time is allowed to pass.
Lessons for all – adult and child – allow the gap to close in its own time – just remember to recall the memory that is your own – of your own troubled times.
All will be well when all is treated with love and understanding – to understand others you must understand yourself and you, as adults, are better placed to do this than the child.
Do not fear – all is well.

Marlene, 26/06/2006





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