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There is much published that professes to be the channelled works of this or that evolved soul or being and much written about channelling and how to channel, so we cannot add much to the wealth of work on this site other than Marlene’s own experiences of channelling.

There does seem to be a good deal of confusion as to exactly what channelling is and we are sure that if you were to ask ten different people you would get ten different answers. For example, some would regard trance control and speech as channelling. Whilst not wishing to enter this debate of who is right and who is wrong, the following is given as our understanding of channelling.

Our definition is: That channelling is a meaningful message or communication received by the medium after they have sent out a thought question that is beyond the knowledge or understanding of the medium themselves. A state of light trance or altered consciousness is likely to be observed by those present. The message received is then written down by the medium, dictated into a recording machine or to an observer.

In our definition we are drawing a clear distinction between deep trance where the communicator speaks directly through the vocal chords of the medium and assumes full responsibility for the control of their link. Also between inspired writing where the medium feels ‘inspired’ to write down verse or piece of work that can be termed as creative, although the writer is not the actual author of that work.

Channelling may come at any time when working, it may be during a meditation or visualisation, as a set task when sitting in a development group and it can be the principle way in which some mediums work.

These are a few of Marlene’s experiences when channelling and are taken from her notes:

I did a channelling exercise to meet my higher guide. This is what I received. I made contact with a woman named Yani (pronounced Yar-nee). This is what she told me:

Many moons ago I travelled from the earth plain to take up my stance as a being of light. Now I come to guide you. I am as a mother. Here to nurture. To feed you with knowledge. To watch and protect. I come in the light. Have no fear. You are safe. You have only to trust, I care as a mother cares. I know all about you. I have watched you over many of your earth lives. You have done well. Your progress pleases me. Ego has been put to one side but can still be a problem. You have worked well. Your path is set. Call for me and I will come. I have much knowledge to impart. My knowledge is your knowledge. We are one and the same. As your staff of light has been given I, too, will light the way. You have much love to give and to receive. Do not fear your gifts. Step forward into the light with confidence. I, Yani, am here. I come in peace. Blessings.


There is nothing so great that it cannot change or be moved. Your dream has shown this to you. Your world is vast and yet it changes every day. New buds open, new trees grow. Be as one with the world. Let us show you the way. Open your heart and let the world enter and true peace will be yours. We came to speak with you and through you but you were sleeping. We will try to reach you again when you are at peace and the time is right. We need your mind to be still and not filled with daily concerns. Peace will be yours, you have only to ask.

I said: “Thank you for welcoming me into the light. It is so peaceful here I don’t want to go.”

They replied: You have much work to do on earth and many more lives to live before you can stay in the light. You are as a light to others. A beacon in their world of darkness. You underestimate your importance to others – do not do this. We will be here – watching and guiding. Have no fear. You may step into the light whenever you wish and we will welcome you but your work on earth is of paramount importance. You must continue with this. We will maintain contact with you. Do not fear.


Beyond mans comprehension of your solar system lie other dimensions.
These dimensions are both of the upper and the lower level of existence yet each level, be it upper or lower or earthly has its own part to play in the great Universal plan.

I asked: What is the Universal plan?

Man in his arrogance believes he is the only one – the only existence.
Man is ignorant and has much to learn before he can be educated towards his own destiny.
He must be re-educated – he must learn to listen to his inner self and yet he has still to find his inner self.
The Universal plan intends that man should first accept responsibility for his actions.
He must learn to see the ways of the earth and the damage his ignorance causes. He must learn as he learns to re-educate others.
When the learning process is complete man will see as it was originally intended.
He will see beyond the physical plain – he will know and understand that life exists in many forms and one dimension may merge with another before the eyes that once were blind.
It will take many of your earth years before this will happen but now is the time for man to accept his ignorance and to accept the re-education process. Only then can the Universal spirit be whole for every existence comes from spirit. Only then can dimension join dimension to bring about the greatest unity man has ever known.


The following was taken from Marlene’s notes dated 30-12-97, unfortunately the original answer was not recorded but it seems to relate to de-materialisation of the human form and/or matter:

This was given to me after I asked what “matter and anti-matter’” meant after a rather surprising experience. The matter and anti-matter explanation went way over my head, so I asked to be told in a simpler form (although I still don’t understand a lot of it!)

“The utilisation of energy alters the molecular construction of what you understand to be the ‘human’ body. This transforms the physical into what you understand to be the ‘spirit’ form.
Because spirit is not bound by time or space, it is able to pass through what you would term as ‘solid’ constructions, such as wall, doors etc. because they no longer exist to the spirit form.
The human body is restored, again by energy, to its original form once the matter in question has been passed.
Time to do this would be no more to a ‘human’ than the twinkling of an eye.”

The following is an explanation of time that is very similar to one that Marlene’s communicator ‘Takota’ gave us himself at a later date when we asked him about the meaning of time from his perspective.

Time as we know it does not exist. There is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow. All is one and one is all. It can be yesterday, today or tomorrow as one may choose. Yet these moments are not three in number, but one. It is like the pages of a book. By turning the page forwards you can visit the next chapter. Equally, you can turn it back and view what has been seen before. Yet you have not moved at all, you are still in the same place. The book has its past, its present and its future and yet it comes in one wrapping. Such is the true meaning of time.

This very interesting piece was given in 1997 and has a Biblical tone to it. Its message is clear.

…and I stood beside the citadel with the whole world at my feet and the people there before me cried out to me and I answered unto them but they did not hear my voice and they cried unto me again and I knew I was their salvation but I also knew that they chose to turn their backs upon me and that they would not hear my voice until the time came when they felt that all was lost.
Then and only then will they cry out to me in their anguish and their fear.
Then and only then will they choose to hear me and I will come to them and I will save them from themselves and from their self-made pathway to destruction.
For I can only right their wrongdoings at that moment.
Call for me and I will come.
Ask of me and I will answer.
Listen to my words and all will be saved.
For until such time as you do this, I, too, am helpless.


This article is part of our Mediumship series.




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