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Crop Circles

These enigmatic images have appeared in the landscape of Southern England for many years., they are beautiful, thought provoking and baffling . They also have many detractors and hoaxers and are often the butt of the media’s “silly season” during the late summer months when they are scratching around for something to write about.
Despite all this, when you take a balanced overview and allow time to do a little reading, it is difficult to deny that something serious and therefore, worthy of study is going on here and that there is evidence of some psychic or telepathic element to it according to some researchers. Interestingly, for a subject that is so ridiculed, a lot of people seem to be fascinated by it.

To examine this in a completely logical way, you have to consider the evidence and work back from a point of view of “how could this be done”. Consider these things about “genuine” crop formations; Most crop formations appear at night and this is irrespective of weather conditions. The hours of darkness at this time of year are very limited therefore manual working time is also limited. (For example the 1996 Windmill Hill Formation was made up of so many individual circles, it would be physically impossible for people to complete this within the timeframe that it appeared). Crops are set down in the most precise way, with the most beautiful and intricate lay, at times this can be weaved or contra-rotational. Often individual species of plant that are not part of the crop are left standing. Working with boards or “planking” as it is referred to, usual leaves tell tale traces of breakage and crimping on the stems of the crop and if a hand full of crop is lifted it kinks at that point. Genuine formations do not exhibit this sort of damage, neither is the soft powdery bloom that is found on the stems of species such as wheat damaged. The geometry displayed is often breathtaking and many formations are physically impossible to construct on a sheet of paper with out using a reference points (compass point) that are outside of the design, let alone in a dark field and on an enormous scale.

Crop formations have different meanings to different people. It can be a wake up call to mankind from mother earth, a spiritual message, a message from those beyond the stars, badgers mating, something done by young farmers or even Doug and Dave. (Who despite their reputation as hoaxers, were never able to demonstrated anything better than the crude trampling down of a bit of crop)

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