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Psychic Art

This is a fascinating area of psychic work and the desire to draw at some point during ones development is often very strong. Those who have previously demonstrated no artistic ability suddenly find that they have a talent for portraits of people who present them selves from the Spirit Realm.

The medium may not always be able to provide a full likeness or give further verbal information, but at times a complete and detailed picture will appear in the page along with relevant, accurate information. Some times the medium will only receive a fractured impression, parts of a face, hat, type of jacket or some other notable feature. This can be like trying to put a jigsaw together and there can be a tendency for the mind to try and fill in the missing pieces. All to often this can be a passing phase of development, another task that those in Spirit have tried you with.

Fortunately some mediums do find that working in this way is most satisfactory for them and go on to hone the skill to perfection, leading to the most lifelike of sketches and paintings. At times this can lead to quite astonishing works of art. A notable feature of many works of psychic art is the eyes, often they are most striking and it is the thing that you are immediately drawn to. In some drawings the eyes appear slightly out of proportion or over sized and it can only be concluded that this is not a mistake by the artist, but an effect of the impression that they have been given by the subject.

Like many Marlene went through the phase of drawing and a few examples are shown here along with the work of several others.

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