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He Was Lost Within Himself

He was lost within himself and he could not find his way.
He was drowning in a sea of emotion yet he could not reach the surface.
“Help me!” he cried and he received no response save for one small voice which answered, “Help yourself.”
“Who are you?” he questioned.
“I am that part of you to which you never listen,” the voice replied.
“I’m listening now,” he answered. “Please help me.”
And he listened and he learned and he grew in his wisdom and he found himself and he discarded that which was unnecessary to him and he cast off those emotions which were not his to bear; fear of guilt, fear of loneliness, fear of fear itself and as he did this he felt himself begin to rise and he floated to the surface and felt the sun on his face again and the wind in his hair and he knew he would never again allow fear to become his master, for, in his wisdom he understood that

Marlene, 09/07/1998





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