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Ley Lines

Ley lines, or leys are alignments of ancient sites stretching across the landscape and certainly drawing lines on a map between such sites does indicate a knowledge that goes beyond the easiest route between settlement A and settlement B. Further more it is interesting to us, because many gifted people are able to detect this apparent grid which seems engraved in our land. It must be remembered that many of these very old Christian sites are actually build on much more ancient areas of prehistoric places of religious worship. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that each particular area has quite significant and powerful energy built up within it due to the worship that has occurred at these places.

Ley Lines were re-discovered, if that is an appropriate term, by a Herefordshire businessman named Alfred Watkins (1855 – 1935) who whilst out walking and using a map to locate interesting features had, what can only be described as a vision. His vision prescribed a whole pattern of lines stretching out on the landscape before him. At the time he had no theory or interest about the alignments between these old sites, but would go onto produce a book of his findings and revelations four years later in a book entitled, The Old Straight Track.

For those of you that are sensitive or interested, can spend a very pleasant summers afternoon walking around some of these old historical with divining rods or pendulum trying to pick out possible lines of energy. It may also be interesting to cross reference your own findings with those who have dowsed the site before you.

Check out the British Society of Dowsers at

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