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Do we not suffer so that we may understand the suffering of others?
Is not despair a means of helping us to understand joy?
And surely we behold ugliness so that we may recognise beauty?
For if we cannot see the darkness, how can we ever choose to walk in the light?


We dislike in others that which we most fear in ourselves.


Do not long for other men’s riches, for riches bring their own problems and if we have nothing for which to strive
then we will never experience the sense of achievement
which comes from attaining our goals.


How often have you sought the solution without when the problem lies within?


We should never wish for our children that which we would wish for ourselves, for our children are people in their own right and we should not seek to influence their lives if to obey our demands leads them to ignore their own instincts.


Why do you ask the question without when the answer lies within?
The answer to all things is there.
I do not speak of matters of trivia, only of those of purpose; of true worth; of value to your survival and to your existence. Of importance to your happiness and well-being.
The answers are there.

Marlene, 03/07/1998





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