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In the Beginning

In the beginning we are all but an empty canvas awaiting life’s colours. Each one of us has a choice. The wealthiest man may choose to paint his canvas darkly with black and sombre colours. Equally, a man with no knowledge of wealth, may paint flamboyantly, splashing richness and vibrancy throughout. Either way we each have the capacity to create a masterpiece.
As the potter moulds his clay, we, also, have the opportunity to shape our lives. As the sculptor chisels,
we, too, may chip away that which is unnecessary, harmful or superficial. As an engineer tends his machinery, we each have the chance to ensure our lives run smoothly.
We are artist, potter, sculptor and engineer rolled into one.
We are all equal at the beginning, but until each one of us takes responsibility for our own “self”, we can never be equal at the end.






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