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The Miracle of Mediumship: A Guide to Marlene’s Workshops

I love all aspects of my Spiritual work from private sittings to demonstrations but I find there is nothing more rewarding than to have a student come up to me after a workshop or seminar and tell me how much they have enjoyed themselves because “at last everything makes sense!”

It is even more pleasing to see a promising student take to the ‘platform’ (the mediums word for stage) and to watch them excel as they link people in this, the physical world, with their loved ones in Spirit. My students return time after time to explore new avenues in their psychic and mediumship development and I enjoy each event as I am inspired to create new exercises designed to encourage, excite and expand upon the individual skills each of my pupils has brought with them into the classroom.

There are many areas to investigate from the basic psychic development to mediumship for beginners, moving on through intermediate levels to the advanced class or masterclass. Within this, there are many different aspects to look at on each level, each one an exciting step on your spiritual pathway.

I also run classes for the development of trance mediumship which is a fascinating exercise in self-discipline as the medium must learn to put their own mind and opinion to one side and allow the Spirit world to blend with them on a far deeper level than that experienced in normal (mental) mediumship. Trance mediumship can take many years to develop properly. Do not be fooled by those who may say you only need to go to one workshop and you will be a trance medium! It is not so! But it can be one of the most amazing levels to work on and can certainly bring you absolute proof that you have linked with Spirit.

But it doesn’t end there! What about the work place? Many of our leading businessmen will often use ‘gut instinct’ when finalizing the decision making process. They will always use the best information and research available to them, but at times this may not be enough and this is where the most successful entrepreneurs are able to steal an advantage over their competitors. They have become good at what they do by learning to trust what their feelings are telling them.

For example, a prospective employee might have a wonderful CV and convincing interview technique, but are they really who they seem to be? Or perhaps you have to make a vital investment decision. The balance sheet is great, the return on your money is acceptable, but what about the people managing the fund or other investment, can you trust them and despite what they might say are they about to move to another company taking their current success with them? Would learning how to develop and trust your own intuition help you make more informed choices in these situations?

There are those in the world of business that may reject these concepts, but why is this? At times it may be that they do not want to appear stupid or the odd one out in front of their peers by expressing their fear that something does not ‘feel’ quite right about this or that deal or person. Strangely, they may consider the entrepreneur who does use their ‘gut feeling’ to be a genius. Generally these maverick geniuses are prepared to risk self image, don’t care what others think about their decision and have inner confidence and belief to ‘know’ the decision they have made to be correct.

The workshops are as follows:

1. Psychic development

This will be a day filled with lots of fun and many exercises designed to encourage your psychic awareness to blossom. We will take a look at card readings, colour readings, remote viewing and auragraphs, plus aura sensing to name just a few. The day will end with one to one sittings working with each other and using whichever tools you feel most comfortable with. There will, of course, be those of you who will prefer not to use any form of assistance at all! (Hopefully!)
If you are hoping to work as a medium it is important to develop your psychic skills. We are ALL Spirit and if you can’t make a link with a person in the physical world, you will not be able to make a link with someone in Spirit either.

2. Beginner’s mediumship

This workshop is aimed at people who have little or no experience with mediumship. We will be looking at the many different ways in which we can link with the Spirit World. We will explore Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairallience and Clairgustience.
We will investigate the symbology of mediumship and the way in which the Spirit world will, sometimes, send images to you and how you can learn to understand and interpret the message in each symbol. There will, also, be a few exercises where students will link with each other on a psychic level, but as the day progresses I will be encouraging each of you to work mediumistically.

3. Intermediate mediumship (all levels)

A workshop for those who have already been sitting in Circle for at least 1 year, for those who have already taken part in fledgling demonstrations and for those who are already working with one to one sittings and have a few public demonstrations under their belt. My aim is to help iron out any problems or difficulties the students may have with their links. We shall also look at confidence and the usual problems that hold mediums back. The workshop will end with every student giving a brief demonstration of their mediumship.

4. Advanced mediumship

For working mediums. This course is not for the faint-hearted as you will be expected to be willing to stretch yourself and to step out of your comfort zone!
There will also be a variety of exercises to help you strengthen your Spirit links and to help you to decide which one works best for you.
You must be prepared to work in front of the other students and to accept ‘constructive’ criticism. I will also offer a few suggestions to help you handle the occasional ‘difficult’ client or audience.

5. A look at developing Trance mediumship

 An introduction to Trance. This workshop is aimed at those wishing to develop Trance and also for those who may have been sitting for a short time but who are having problems in stilling their minds. I will show you various techniques you can use that will enable you to be still in mind and body so that Spirit can draw close to you and impress thoughts and feelings upon you. This course is not suitable for epileptics. If time and the energies in the room, permit, I will end the day with a short trance demonstration.

6. Advanced Trance/Physical Day (Limited spaces)

This workshop is not for beginners and is open ONLY to those who have sat for trance mediumship for at least two years. We will be sitting in séance conditions for most of the day, sometimes in daylight and sometimes in darkness so if you have a problem with being in the dark, this workshop will not be suitable for you, nor is it suitable for epileptics.

7. Healing workshop

Healing works in so many ways and on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I will show you how to work with ‘hands on’ healing, how to call upon your guides and angels to help and we will also look at the magic of music and sound in healing.
A wonderfully uplifting day which will open your eyes to the incredible gift we each have within us.

8. Inspired writing

As a medium you may be asked to give an address or short talk to an audience or congregation. Often this can cause panic in even the most professional medium!
During the workshop we will work with various tools, (cards, a dictionary etc.) then sit in the Power and write. We will also enter a lightly altered state and form a link with a Spirit ‘inspirer’ who will impress us with words to put upon paper.
This exercise can often awaken the philosopher within and is a very exciting part of your spiritual development.

9. Corporate training & fun days

A day devoted to inspiring your staff to be more sensitive to others and events, enabling them to read situations better by development of the psychic senses. Can also be useful in team building as it helps break down barriers between individuals enabling them to be more trusting and open with each other.

10. Developing Intuition in the Workplace

Learn how to trust your intuition and be confident in your decision by using psychic exercises to prove that it can and does work for YOU.

All of my classes are intended to inspire you and to fire you with
enthusiasm and a burning desire to learn more!
Although I have worked as a tutor for many years, I feel I will never know EVERYTHING and I will learn just as much from you as you will from me. We will be working as a team and in partnership with one another and with Spirit.

Self-discipline and discretion will be encouraged. I want YOU to be the VERY BEST MEDIUM and PSYCHIC you can possibly be.
Someone who no one will ever question because they will know you work to such high standards and with integrity, honour and truth.
I hope you will be brave enough to join me exploring the Miracle of
Mediumship because, in time, just a few words from you could change someone’s life for ever!







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