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Articles about the psychic and mediumistic subject, along with reports on Marlene’s past work

Blessed Are We Who Know

Blessed are we who knowthat there is more to life than this.Blessed to know that life goes onThat death does not exist.Blessed are we who knowThat when we leave our mortal formWe still can tend our loved onesand our love can keep them warmand we can find new ways to showour love is always there;a…

Crop Circles

These enigmatic images have appeared in the landscape of Southern England for many years., they are beautiful, thought provoking and baffling . They also have many detractors and hoaxers and are often the butt of the media’s “silly season” during the late summer months when they are scratching around for something to write about.Despite all…

Visualise a Rainbow

Visualise a rainbow, marvel at its hues,feel them all around you, purples, pinks and blues,orange, green and yellow, feel them on your skin,breathe the colours deeply, let them sink within;let them cleanse your body, from inside to out,rinse away your worries, wash away all doubt.Feel the softness seeping through every single cell,until you see that…