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Author: Marlene

  • Inspiration


    Six thought-provoking pieces selected to provide inspiration. Speak from within your wisdom; from your inner knowledge; from the You that knows all, sees all, feels all.Listen not to the voice that says, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I mustn’t”. You can, You will, You must. You know this.Do not deny yourself the right to BE.Do not…

  • I Had a Dream of a Wonderful World

    I Had a Dream of a Wonderful World

    I had a dream of a wonderful worldwhere the sky was always blue;where secret gardens, fragrant flowersand sturdy oak trees grewand in this dream the sea was green,the foam was sparkling whiteand songbirds sang throughout the dayand sunshine warmed the night.I had a dream of a wonderful worldwhere everything grew free,where rivers trickled over rocks…

  • I Made a Wish for Christmas

    I made a wish for Christmas and I’m hoping someone heardthe thoughts I have inside me, for I never spoke a word.Instead, I opened up my heart and let the feelings through,in hope that they’d touch him, and her, and them, and me, and you.I wished for love throughout our World, and peace of heart…

  • He Knew What He’d Been Sent For

    He Knew What He’d Been Sent For

    “He knew what he’d been sent for, his mission seemed so clear,to make the people listen, to draw the people near,to lead, to let them follow, the path that must be trod,to soften words of anger, to stem the flow of blood,to quell the thirst for battle, to silence battle songs,to show a brighter future,…

  • When You Feel Despondent

    When You Feel Despondent

    When you feel despondentrememberyou are thought of with respect and affection.When you feel downheartedrememberyour kindness and consideration has touched the lives of many.When you feel alonerememberyou have many friends.When all else failsremember to acknowledgethat you are loved and needed and that you are,above all else,a very special person. Marlene

  • Gratitude for Our World

    A selection of inspired writing about the world around us. With the first cry of a newborn baby;the reincarnation from caterpillar to butterfly;the blossoming from seedling to flower,the world is ever-changing in its beauty. Marlene Every drop of rain brings with it life.Every ray of sunshine brings its warmth.Every act of kindness brings its own…

  • The Hands are Worn

    The Hands are Worn

    The hands are worn but the heart is warmand has known such love in so many ways!The eyes don’t see as they used to seeand yet, in each one, so many memories!The mind can’t always think so quicklyfor when it ‘fogs’ the mist comes thickly,But oh! What wealth of experience!How to walk, to run, to…

  • The Man on the Street

    The Man on the Street

    The man in the street had no shoes on his feetand his trousers were well-worn and thin,but the rain didn’t care as it ran through his hairand his t-shirt was stuck to his skin.The street lamp shone gold as the bitterly coldwinds called with their sighs and their moans,and the man in the street with…

  • How Can Man

    How Can Man

    How can man, for any cause, use children in his foolish warsAs soldiers, armed with guns and knives, trained to kill, for taking lives?Soldier children, girls and boys who should be free to play with toys;To roam in fields, beneath the sun, but live in fear – and use a gun. How can man, in…

  • If All the World Stopped Fighting

    If All the World Stopped Fighting

    If all the world stopped fightingand if all the wars could end,if no one died from hungerand if each man had a friend;if countries stood togetherthough divided by the sea;if the whole world stood unitedwhat a good world this could be.If colour never matteredand if hatred, greed and spitewere never contemplatedthen our future would be…