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Category: Esoteric

  • The Aura

    The Aura

    The ‘aura’ is a subtle emanation or energy that surrounds all living things and even those objects that most people would consider to be inanimate. For our purposes, it is the former that we are most interested in. Those who are sufficiently attuned can ‘see’ all or part of this emanation when they allow themselves…

  • Channelling


    There is much published that professes to be the channelled works of this or that evolved soul or being and much written about channelling and how to channel, so we cannot add much to the wealth of work on this site other than Marlene’s own experiences of channelling. There does seem to be a good…

  • Ouija and the Planchette

    Ouija and the Planchette

    Caution is Required Some tools that may be best left in the box Generally speaking it is the ‘living’ that cause us more concern about our personal safety than the dead, but one often hears stories of people being frightened or having very bad experiences when they start messing about with things such as Ouija…

  • The Importance of Opening and Closing

    The Importance of Opening and Closing

    If you have ever been to a public demonstration of mediumship or healing, you may have observed that an opening prayer or affirmation was offered up to ask a blessing on what is about to be undertaken and for some sort of protection whilst working. Depending on the beliefs and practices of those present, this…

  • Inspired Writing

    Inspired Writing

    Many who choose to pursue their psychic gifts find that the direction of their development changes from time to time as they progress. They feel ‘drawn’ to such and such activity or inspired to try something new. Like psychic art, inspired or inspirational writing is a stage that many people go through. For some it…