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Category: Inspired Writing

  • You Are Free

    You Are Free

    You are free to dothe things you want to dofor no one else controls your mindbut youyour mind can travel any distancesolet it fly to where you’d like to go,enjoy the sights and sounds and smellsand whenyou’re readybring your mind back home again.When others words are thoughtlessand unkindrememberonly you control your mindand can decide to…

  • The Smile That Lights Your Eyes

    The Smile That Lights Your Eyes

    The moment that I met youI saw, within your eyesthe look that said you were hurting,a look you can’t disguise.I sent a thought to Spirit“Please help me ease their pain,”and then I felt, without a doubt,your loved ones close again.Your face lit up in wonderas all their love came through;descriptions, names and memoriesof happy times…

  • In the Beginning

    In the Beginning

    In the beginning we are all but an empty canvas awaiting life’s colours. Each one of us has a choice. The wealthiest man may choose to paint his canvas darkly with black and sombre colours. Equally, a man with no knowledge of wealth, may paint flamboyantly, splashing richness and vibrancy throughout. Either way we each…

  • Within the Stillness

    Within the Stillness

    Within the stillnessthere is turmoil.Behind the calmnessthere lies passion.Despite mortalitylife continues.Not all is black,not all is white.Even in the darknessthere is Light,Love, Joy, Hope.Would that every man could see,despite his own mortality,Life continues. Marlene

  • Do Not Waste Your Waking Hours in Dreams

    Do Not Waste Your Waking Hours in Dreams

    Do not waste your waking hours in dreams.Dreaming of what might have been.Dreaming of what is yet to be.Spend your days constructively.You dream of climbing a mountain? Do it.You long to swim the ocean? Do it.You want to walk around the world? Then go ahead.There is nothing to prevent you from these achievements.The only obstacles…

  • Contemplations


    Do we not suffer so that we may understand the suffering of others?Is not despair a means of helping us to understand joy?And surely we behold ugliness so that we may recognise beauty?For if we cannot see the darkness, how can we ever choose to walk in the light? Marlene We dislike in others that…

  • Speak to Me Only in Gentle Tongue

    Speak to Me Only in Gentle Tongue

    Speak to me only in gentle tongue;my ears do not wish to hear words of anger or hatred, or bitterness.Speak to me with tolerance;my life has no time to waste on prejudice.Speak to me words of wisdom;my mind will not accept inanities.Speak to me only words of kindness and of love for your fellow man,and…

  • He Was Lost Within Himself

    He Was Lost Within Himself

    He was lost within himself and he could not find his way.He was drowning in a sea of emotion yet he could not reach the surface.“Help me!” he cried and he received no response save for one small voice which answered, “Help yourself.”“Who are you?” he questioned.“I am that part of you to which you…

  • Bring Me the Sun

    Bring Me the Sun

    Bring me the sun to warm my path,The stars to light my way,The moon to control the tide of my lifeTo carry me through each day,Kindness of heart to help my friendsAnd family as a whole,Strength of body, peace of mindAnd love to fill my soul. Marlene, 23/05/2005

  • Inspiration


    Six thought-provoking pieces selected to provide inspiration. Speak from within your wisdom; from your inner knowledge; from the You that knows all, sees all, feels all.Listen not to the voice that says, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I mustn’t”. You can, You will, You must. You know this.Do not deny yourself the right to BE.Do not…